Adopting of Problem-based learning methodologies into Veterinary nurses professional training

Project title: Adopting of Problem-based learning methodologies into Veterinary nurses professional training

Project acronym: VET-PBL

Project duration: 24 months

Project summary:

Nowadays European market economy rises a great demands for Veterinary nurse – on the one hand they must acknowledge veterinary care and to manage business efficiently – on the other. Nowadays professional training of Veterinary nurse lacks didactical innovation because of traditional educational paradigm domination in higher education institutions, that predestines using of outdated learning and training methods in education 

That‘s why it‘s important to apply the new interdisciplinary approach and nonlinear and more self-directed teaching and learning strategies in education of Veterinary Nurse. This helps to promote learners skills of solving problems in the real work settings. Problem-based learning methodology seems to be the very promising to contribute to interdisciplinary approach and problems solving skills development in training of Veterinary Nurses. Problem-based learning – self-directed learning strategy, based on teamwork, problem structuring, information research, generation of strategies and monitoring activities. Problem solving skills are kind of transversal skills that could be transferred from one professional situation to another. That is why important to education practical, goal oriented, critical Veterinary nurses that will be able to solve different problems in their professional settings.

In order to realize Problem-based learning methodology in Veterinary nurses studies it is important to create certain methodical instruments, problem cases and to test it in practical settings.

For this reason, there is initiated project “Adopting of Problem-based learning methodologies to Veterinary nurses professional training” in order to adopt PBL methodology in professional training of specialist.

Project tasks:

• Implementing of project research for defining common European profile of Vet nurses professional competences;

• Creating of projects methodical material - Guide for PBL facilitators, methodical guide for PBL student and PBL problem cases for education of Vet. Nurses.

• Testing of problem-based cases in educational practice.

Project involves different stakeholders from educational and private institutions: academicians, students, practitioners, employers that deal to Vet. Services. Project will support Vet. Nurse professional training with innovative approach of Problem based learning that will be applied continually within educational and private institutions in formal and informal educational settings.

Project partners:

Vilniaus Kolegija, Lithuania

Universitatea de Stiinte Agricole si Medicina Veterinara a Banatului Regele Mihai I Al Romaniei din Timisoara, Romania

Abivet, Italy

European Center for Quality Ltd., Bulgaria

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