International Projects

May 2019 CHAIN - Changing SME business by industry 4.0
Mar 2019 CoLED - Collaborative Learning Environment for engineering education
Dec 2018 The Sound of Business – Leveraging the Entrepreneurial Competences of Adults to Extenuate the Business Knowledge Divide
Feb 2018 Sustain-T - Sustainable Tourism through Networking and Collaboration
Jan 2018 2REVIVE - Revival entrepreneurship through second chance
Dec 2017 Improving the Employability of People with Hearing Impairments
Dec 2017 Entrepreneurship education using challenge-based learning
Oct 2018 SCOPE - Skills for Corporate Entrepreneurship
Dec 2017 Work-based training approach in the field of Industry 4.0 for competitive European Industry
Aug 2017 DIGITTRAIN: “Innovation and IT Technologies – Successful Career Start and a Step towards Digital Europe”
Nov 2016 Strategic Partnership in the field of Mechatronics for innovative and smart growth of European manufacturing SMEs
Nov 2016 Gamified Training for Successful Commercialization of Young SMEs’ Innovation
Nov 2016 TECHTRAIN: “Transfer of European Practices for Improving the Professional Qualifications of Young Technicians”
Aug 2016 Sicily-TRANSFER: “Transfer of good practices in the teaching of electro-engineering sciences”
Nov 2016 Green Tourism Education: Innovative way to Develop Rural Areas
Nov 2016 Automation, Technology transfer and Managerial practices for the growth of SMEs, a better employability and the promotion of the entrepreneurship”
Jan 2016 Proposals and Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs
Apr 2017 Second project meeting of AuToMa project, Sofia, Bulgaria
Jan 2016 Strategic Partnership for Occupational Safety and Health
Mar 2015 Europeanisation – Organizational Maturity Assessment Tool for the Europeanisation of Educational Institutions
Mar 2015 Integrating Energy Action Planning and Energy Management Systems
Oct 2014 European Quality Assurance in VET towards new Eco Skills and Environmentally Sustainable Economy
Oct 2014 Recognition and Validation of Acquired Skills for Disabled People
Aug 2017 UKTrain: “Learning Mobility of Students for Successful Professional Realization in Engineering and ICT Sectors”
Oct 2014 Intercultural competence training for SMEs hosting European mobilities
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